At the end of 2014 the leadership has been taken over by Pieter Vos. He is the tuba-player and contact-man for the band.
The bands arrangements have been focused on the instrumentation of bands such as Fletcher Henderson, Luis Russell, Mc Kinney's Cotton Pickers (Don Redman), Jean Goldkette, Bix Beiderbecke, Frank Trumbauer, King Oliver and Duke Ellington.

The reedsection- Henri Giebels (alto saxophone/clarinet/vocals/arrangements), Martin Pieters (alto saxophone/soprano saxophone) and Jan Vervoort (tenor saxophone/clarinet) - provides the colour and individualistic sound of the band.
The brasssection - Hans Esman (cornet), Fred Horn (cornet/arrangements) and Piet Glas (trombone) - forms an important counter-weight to the reeds.
The all important rhythmsection is made up by Rob Bakker (piano, vocals), Will van Schaik (banjo), Stan Brinkhoff (drums, washboard) and Pieter Vos (tuba).

Reeds: Alhard Zwart / Rob Radoux / David Lukacs / Marten de Nes / Willem Hellbreker / Floortje Smehuijzen / Bert Brandsma
Cornet: Robert Duis / Guido Cornet
Trombone: Attila Korb (HU) / Selena Brandsma
Piano: Jan van der Woord / Louis Houet
Tuba: Patrick Weeghmans (B)
Drums: Stef Geurts / Ger Booiman

Peter Stöve / Mauro Porro (I) / Attila Korb (HU) / Malo Mazurie (F) / Bert Brandsma / Fred Horn / Henri Giebels