The Limehouse-Jazzband, formed in 1965,  has  celebrated her Golden Jubilee in 2015. Originally from  Haarlem City, near Amsterdam, the band has developed a huge reputation as a traditional band playing arranged music acoustically and specializing in the jazz-music of the 1920-1932 era, the "Roaring Twenties". 

Highlight 1972: First Prize  at the Breda-Jazz-Festival. The Limehouse-Jazzband since 2003 played more internationally.  The North Sea Jazz Festival (2004) and the Ascona International New Orleans Jazz Festival (2005) brought about a significant momentum to all aspects of the orchestra: some new musicians and intelligent arrangements. The specific Limehouse-Jazzband timbre, mainly supported by the reedsection, revives the sounds from the twenties and the thirties.

The jubilee CD "Drop me off in Harlem" (sold out) was very well received and induced many invitations for prestigious jazz festivals. The new CD "Club Conversation" with five special made arrangements by arranger Peter Stove (Holland) is also sold out now. For the "Limers" playing in sociable jazz-clubs and on jazz-festivals at home and abroad not only means a "gig" but most of all a "kick".

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